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As the centre of the Zadar region and the former capital of Dalmatia, the 3000-year old city of Zadar is the starting point of many excited visitors. It is a proud city of rich and interesting tradition and amazing cultural heritage. Zadar is a city of romance and love, as well as a place of passion and spirit! This is a town that does not mind exploring new art forms and ideas to enrich its extraordinary setting and complement its grand physique. Zadar is both a peaceful community and a dynamic modern centre that greets everyone with open arms and leaves a lasting mark on every enamoured visitor!


– listen to the sound of the waves and marvel at “the most beautiful sunset in the world” (A. Hitchcock)
– sip some coffee or a cocktail with the locals at the many cafés, lounge bars or restaurants
– take a ferry or a catamaran to one of the nearby islands and take a dip in the bluest sea

The Church of St. Donatus is an amazing church from the 9th century, a sightseeing must and the largest pre-Romanesque structure in Croatia! Today, it mostly serves as a remarkable venue for medieval renaissance music. The whole structure is an architectural example of the Carolingian period and it is considered the most significant of its kind in Europe. Most of its ornaments largely originate from the ruins of the nearby Roman Forum. Built between the 1st century BC and the 3rd century AD and commissioned by the first Roman Emperor Augustus, the forum complex features an elaborate design of temples and colonnades with one proud column standing intact to this day. Take spectacular photos on the site!

You also have to meet the Sea Organ – a sound art object and experimental musical instrument that creates lovely chimed tunes using only the rolling power of sea waves. The installation looks like a series of broad steps leading down into the sea hiding clever engineering beneath their surface. Nikola Bašić, a renowned architect, has devised an ingenious system of resonant chambers that produces syncopated ever-changing tunes which soothe and excite the minds of countless amazed visitors as they chill and linger on the Riva for hours just to hear that dreamlike sound once again before they leave.

Right next to it is the Greeting to the Sun – another installation of the brilliant architect symbolizing the communication between man and nature. This stirring monument consists of 300 multi-layered glass plates that absorb solar energy during the day and create a spectacular waterfront light show just after sunset. These installations are a holiday for all your senses.

Learn about the local food and rituals every step of your walk-through Zadar – from colourful markets, fresh Mediterranean ingredients, local dishes and coffee get-togethers that last for hours. Zadar nucleus’ lively feel, with its restaurants, bars, coffee shops and bakeries makes spending time here one of the most enjoyable things to do. This vibrant quarter with a great atmosphere is in the oldest part of the Town of Zadar where the present meets the past. Wander around many narrow streets and stone-paved alleyways or splendid, picturesque squares. When you feel the need to take a break, stop at a traditional “konoba“- a trattoria style restaurant featuring local delicacies. Afterwards, act like the local people: find your favourite spot and experience the feeling of coffee drinking being less of a habit and more of a sacred ritual. They enjoy drinking it for hours. Try some delicious, fresh Mediterranean local foods, taste some of the excellent regional wines, or find the best ice-cream in town. Regardless of what you do, just soak up that cheery atmosphere.

Zadar was once the largest city-fortress in the Republic of Venice and its City Walls were an important part of an elaborate defence system. The City Walls of Zadar, together with the other five components of the Venetian Works of Defence of the 16th and 17th century, located in today’s Croatia, Italy and Montenegro, joined UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2017 as an outstanding monument of the modern maritime fortification scheme.


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International country code for Croatia: +385
Ambulance: 194
Fire Brigade: 193
Police: 192
Roadside vehicle assistance: 1987
(When calling from abroad or by mobile phone, call +385 1 1987)
Unique National number for all emergency situations: 112
General information: 18981
Information on local and intercity numbers: 11888
Information on international numbers: 11802
Weather forecast and road conditions: 060 520 520 

Croatian Automobile Club (HAK): 
+385 1 46 40 800

Tourist Information Centre:
Jurja Barakovića 5
23 000 Zadar
Tel: +385 23 316 166

“Svi materijali preuzeti s mrežne stranice Turističke zajednice grada Zadra.”


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