Innovation in Education

From home phone (telephone), to smartphone, from traditional building (house, home) to smart building (house, home), from old cities toward smart cities. But what about education? Still very traditional approaches, although the development of technology affects the way information is searched as well as the process of learning. 

Professor Maltese from the Indiana University carried out first workshop on the mentioned topic in Berlin in spring of 2019, and brings together people who are involved in the transformation of education in relation to innovate learning processes, with an interest on makers contribution to/in education. This initiative meeting was followed by the meeting in Shenzhen in late 2019, and the third workshop will be during Makers Week in Zadar, in spring of 2020.

The purpose of this group is to collect, analyze and propose innovative learning processes in education, from preschool through primary and secondary school all the way to higher education. During this international workshop in Zadar, more people from Zadar and Croatia will be involved to work with this group, share experience from the local context and situation, and inspire for new success cases.

Morana Pap & Roberto Vdović, 2020


Kazalište lutaka Zadar​

Kazališta lutaka Zadar

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